October Round Up: Harvest Roundup

This is what we reaped in October 2016 on the CIRCO blog: 

October 8th was the first annual Indie Author Day.

This month the Elena Ferrante scandal happened. We recommend this and this post about it specifically.

Gabbler Recommended a lot of entertainment, like the new HBO show Westworld.

We added to the Epic Catalog, such as this list of Anonymous Authors Accosted and are taking recs to add.

And we posed the question, What are some of your favorite books that have a Halloween theme/scene? We wanna know!

As always, keep up with our social media highlights under the Social Medea tag.

See you next roundup, after the annual celebration of colonialism.


Happy Indie Author Day 2016!

indieauthordayTo celebrate, why not share some indie love by promoting an indie book or author? Or, you could read an indie book!

We suggest (cough, cough) THE AUTOMATION. It’s free to read in its entirety on Goodreads.