Long-form Marginalia: Essays & Sacrificial Offerings

By B.L.A.:

Why Literature is no longer Art. 

Only dipping in your toe [a book review/complaint]. 

The gods don’t need your worship. Originally published on Tumblr.


By G.B. Gabbler: 

What we talk about when we talk about post-apocalyptic stories. 

On Interstellar: You know who else wanted to explore with the intent of inhabiting new lands? Conquistadors. 

Gods in our Machines. 

The Anti-Natalist and Anti-Colonial Messages in The Girl With All The Gifts (The Fanzine)

Is ‘The Girl with All the Gifts’ Antinatalist? 

On Reading the Talos Myth.


[By The Author:]

[The irony in the irony. ]


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