Vol. 3

COMING SOON: The Lathing, Volume 3 of the Blacksmith’s Circus Series.

The Lathing (Vol. 3 of the Circo del Herrero Series) Synopsis:

[Smack dab in the Bible Belt’s buckle, Vulcan arranges His pagan pieces. The tribal casinos are nothing but referential backdrop for His latest hustle in this oil capital. The gods have all paid to play. They’ve offered up parts of themselves to help make “The Game” — some more than others. But their chimeric incarnations are not where they place their bets. It is the human players they gamble on. The gods know Vulcan’s game is rigged but that’s half the fun, figuring out just what Vulcan has pre-programmed — how it works — how they, too, might cheat.

And like the gods, some Automata think they’ve found the secret mechanism that makes it all tick. Other Automata, however, are not so sure. They choose opposing humans — humans with flaws and sins so much like their own. The humans they pick reveal less about the beings they’ve become and more about the ghosts that still haunt them…

THE LATHING is the final attestation of the Narrator and the Editor — the final volume in the CIRCO DEL HERRERO series. In it, once-gods may find forgiveness and be made whole again if they pick the winning team. Automata may find a self that is worth knowing and saving. But the humans, well, they were just lucky the game found them before Death did. They’ll live just a little while longer before finding something truly worth dying for. At the end of it all is glory and godhood and possibly a cat.]

“We publish books about bastardly characters — ones you can also sob over.”

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