Mercury is so retrograde



Labour – er, I mean Labor – Day Giveaway!

Hercules wants you to take a break from you labors and read a book. These two are free right now.

The Automation | The Pre-programming 

Hercules and His Labor Day Weekend Reads:

He recommends you download the first book in the Circo del Herrero series for free here to prepare for tomorrow’s sequel giveaway. 


Hydra doesn’t know how to use the internet, so Hercules got him an extra large print copy (not sure how he managed it!). Such a nice guy.

GABBLER RECOMMENDS: Brittany Nicole Cox On Horology

‘It’s interesting because there’s been a historic divergence in opinion between what is considered craft and what is considered art. Now, there seems to be a growing convergence between the two, where art is becoming synonymous with craft. What’s particularly interesting and complicated is how it’s coming back.

The figure of the craftsman wasn’t as well regarded as that of the artist, but the thing is when you were a craftsman, you created your masterwork. If you were a master clockmaker, you only got that title because you had created a masterpiece. Long ago, if you were a craftsman, you were considered to be on the same level as the priest or the king,. It’s the same with artwork: If you were a painter, you had your master work—your painting was this incredible result of years of study and practice at your craft. It was the same thing for a sculptor or for a horologist. If you were able to shape raw materials into things, you were considered someone capable of making miracles. It was seen as an incredibly noble vocation to be a craftsman and to devote your life to the pursuit of this applicable, tactile thing—and that was what really grabbed me. I’m still absolutely smitten. Horology is my whole life, and it’s been my life since I was very young.’