FAQ [Spoiler Edition]

Frequently Asked Questions – SPOILER EDITION. Read at your own risk!

<Answers are from both “parties” unless otherwise noted.>


We already know Bulfinch is a male cat. And if the Narrator – BLA – is Bulfinch, then isn’t it…safe to assume BLA is male? Well, if you believe our Narrator, then the gender question should be the least of your worries. I’d worry more about how a cat can turn into a human and write AN ENTIRE NOVEL. I know I, Gabbler, do.

*Asks in a hushed voice* What’s the deal with Odys and Odissa sleeping together?  Well, let’s just say that if George R.R. Martin can get away with it, then so can we. Wake up and smell the twincest, honeybun. It’s a common trope and even shows up in myth. Besides, those two are so weird no one else would f*ck em.

…Unless a god forced you, I guess.

But — but then why not make their relationship super super super obvious? In fact, why don’t ANY of your characters actually have sex in book one? WOW, pervert. We’ll let the fan fiction community take this one.

We saw the beginning of AUTO VOL 1. It says this book is really written by one person. Not two. The Editor and Narrator are just characters in the CIRCO novels. Who’s REALLY behind this curtain? What the fuck are you talking about? [Oh, paying attention are we? Congratulations. You weren’t fooled! But yes, the Circo del Herrero series is written by one. Single. Person. That person, you could say, uses the royal “We” to refer to themselves. [And brackets sometimes, too.]]

WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO CONFUSING? What the crap are you talking about?!  [The real author wishes to maintain a distance from this series simply because the Editor and Narrator are much more interesting than they are. Plus, it goes back to the whole Author-as-God thing. You might even say The Author is making a statement about the Holy Trinity. I mean, if an author is going to be a god then they might as well have three versions of themselves, eh? But only to make a point about narration technique and culture and authorship. Yeah, that’s it. Sure.]

But seriously? …? [All that aside, The Author™ – singular – of this series lives in the U.S. and has a day job somewhere around books and books and books. After said day job, The Author™ goes home and tinkers around with writing. The Author™ grew up on what is now fully recognized Native American reservation lands, though is white and only of indigenous descent (not tribally enrolled — yes, there are differences). The Author™ also grew up studying Spanish and hopes you forgive the Editor and Narrator if there are any misplaced accent marks.

Ironically, The Author™ doesn’t even like novels written by two people (I mean, who REALLY put the work in on that story?). The Author™ controls all social media accounts for BLA and Gabbler. The Author™ also thanks you in advance for inquiring about face-to-face interviews and etc., but must decline on account of WHAT PART OF ANONYMOUS DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? Please use the email posted in the contact page for other inquiries. X ]

This page is in progress. Please check back for more answered questions as they come.









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