GABBLER RECOMMENDS: ‘Reading the Edited Version of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray Somehow Made Me More Queer’ by Emily Asher-Perrin

And that’s important, because a sizable part of being queer is exactly this. It’s searching for yourself in words and music and theatre and often coming back empty because the world keeps telling you that they can’t (won’t) see what you see. That thing you want isn’t there, or it’s fan service, or it’s too much too fast. Things may be changing more rapidly than ever now, but that veil of persistent societal gaslighting persists. Trying to convince people is exhausting. Enjoying yourself in spite of everything can also be exhausting. Looking for evidence when you’re pretty sure that act alone makes you queer (and you don’t know that you’re ready to face up to that) is certainly exhausting.


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oscar dorian





“Odys didn’t know why she always compared people historically, but she usually got it right. Like Hegel with his spiritual manifestations in history, Odissa pursued this timeless principal in her own life. She was a sibyl who knew the past foretold the future.” – THE AUTOMATION, Vol. 1.

















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