Gabbler Recommends: Travel Light, by Naomi Mitchison

I am going to start this new thing called “GABBLER RECOMMENDS” (also searchable as a tag “category” — see the side bar). It will showcase items that both BLA and I enjoyed. Feel free to recommend interesting books/novelties/artifacts to us in the comments below. There’s probably a lot we haven’t tried.

***CORRECTION*** BLA tells me that s/he has tried everything and therefore should make it clear that it’s only ME who needs help in my cultural development. Perhaps BLA is right. After all, I backed THE AUTOMATION. Ahem.

But to the post!

Gabbler recommends… Travel Light.

Why? Because this novel has nice dragons in it. Not all need to be slain. This novel weaves together various myths and magical creatures into one beautiful fairytale-like story. It was a very quick read (very short), and worth your time.