GABBLER RECOMMENDS: “If We Can Make Animals Smarter, Should We?” by Shayla Love

monkeys doing Freud “In Dvorsky’s eyes, transhumanists are ultimately focused on the alleviation of suffering. The transhumanist philosopher David Pearce , for example , is known for what’s called the hedonistic imperative, which says that genetic engineering and other technologies should abolish suffering in all sentient life.

But is this just another bias that uplift reveals? That if only animals could be smarter, more aware, then they’d suffer less? Is this a fallacy that could be our own undoing, rather than an animal’s salvation— the overvaluing of intelligence?

“What about the kinds of suffering that humans experience as a direct result of our higher-order thinking?” Povinelli asked. “I’ve met a lot of transhumanists and many of them are very unhappy and they’re suffering more than a lot of people that don’t think about these things every day.””



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EPIC CATALOG: Mad Scientists Experimenting on Their Daughters

Stories which show a mad scientist father trying out his hypotheses on his little girl. …Because what guinea pig is better than your own spawn?

“Scientist” and “daughter” and “father” as definition is a bit loose here.

  1. Jessica Hide in Utopia, TV show. 
  2. Carolyn in The Library at Mount Char, book.
  3. Rachel in Orphan Black, TV show. 
  4. Christiane in Eyes Without a Face, film. 
  5. Odissa in The Automation, book. 
  6. Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, film. 
  7. Aissa in The Island of Doctor Moreau, film. 
  8. Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas, film.

Any others that should be on this list?