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#BLAThoughtOfTheDay: Mr. Darcy is a Dick

While the movie based on the book (which I’ve not read), was overall good fun despite being terrible, I just wanted to point out the questionable morals of the story.


When Darcy gives brains to the barely-zombies who have been subsisting on brains of other animals (in some weird Twilight-ian way), I found myself upset. Now, I don’t know if it was handled better in the book (because hell, the story barely made sense as it was), but I would almost rather side with the zombies who were trying so hard to be good and not kill anyone. Darcy took away their free will and therefore their right to life. This was one multi-layered moral conundrum for me.

Can someone tell me if the film left out something that the book explained? Everything else about the stupid thing was hilarious. This just disturbs me that it was so glazed over in the film. Is this was pop culture mashups have become? Next time, use more brains.


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