Jack Crosbie, On The Magicians TV show

“I love that they brought Julia into the series early, as her storyline is by far one of the most compelling in the books. Unfortunately, I think they really messed up the Free Trader Beowulf angle. The FTB crew are all very important to Julia’s life, and I think that the devastatingly brutal final scene would have resonated much more emotionally for viewers if the FTB characters had been more developed. I think that Julia’s conflicts with Marina (and Marina as a character) should have been cut entirely; if they were planning on including Reynard the Fox in season one then her storyline needed to focus on FTB much more heavily. I would have loved to see Julia blowing through the hedge leveling system by episode 3 or 4, before being contacted by FTB, and then beginning her real journey into magic, always with a foreboding edge that would have made Reynard’s reveal at the end that much more terrifying.”



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