Gabbler Recommends: Peaky Blinders, Season 1 (and 2)

It has been compared to Boardwalk Empire, but we compare it to True Detective. We do so only because it’s much more compulsively watchable than Boardwalk. Peaky Blinders also has an end–or, it feels like it has an end, unlike the experience I had when watching the endless Boardwalk. And don’t fear, the ending is much more satisfying (though we’re not saying it is completely satisfying) than True Detective.

Cillian Fucking Murphy

I would say it is a cross between Gangs of New York and TD, but with a hint of Sons of Anarchy because not only are there SO MANY white people in it, but it does have really pitiful bits (forced acting, predictable plot, awkward dialogue). And yes, I have watched a bit of Sons, I’m ashamed to admit. I watched it so you didn’t have to (point is: don’t bother unless biker gangs are REALLY your thing, because it’s not really our thing and if you’re into OUR THINGS then just be advised about that THING).

But I would say Peaky Blinders is better than all of the others mentioned above. No doubt about it. It has some very great moments (usually carried on the back of Cillian Murphy) that make all its Sons-of-Anarchy moments forgivable.

And the soundtrack alone is worth watching it for. The music (which is heavily-laden with Jack White) is so well-fitting, despite being so modern, that when it plays it makes you love the story even more.

Also, Season 2 will have Tom Hardy in it. We’re pretty sure this means that Peaky Blinders isn’t afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. And we’re excited.

We leave you with a song from the show: