Gabbler Recommends: Joanna Newsom’s interview with Tiny Mix Tapes

JN: My favorite author of all time is Nabokov. I’m really obsessed
with him, actually… all my Nabokov novels are, like, ravaged by notes crammed
into the margins of every page, from readings and re-readings. I especially like
the annotated Lolita, edited by Alfred Appel Jr., because I can just
luxuriate in his neurotic, exquisite feast of footnotes and endnotes… like a
book within a book… amazing.

My other favorite book is The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle.
Incredible. One of the greatest literary meditations on beauty, sickness,
mortality, loneliness, perfection, defection, bravery/heroism, regret, pity,
purity, magic, and power, of all time. So there. The movie is my
favorite, too, though for slightly different reasons. I actually just discovered
that Mr. Beagle lives in Oakland, which is right near me, so I’m sort of
hoping that somehow, someday, I might get to meet him…that would be so

TMT: What music have you been listening to and enjoying as of late?

JN: Well, I honestly don’t listen to a great deal of music. I love
a great [deal] of music, both by folks working nowadays and those from a
ways back…. but I find myself tending toward silence most of the time,
especially if I’m trying to write my own music. I feel too permeable otherwise,
too afraid of being influenced, or of diluting my ideas, or of forgetting them.

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