“We really have no idea what Dolores is trying to tell us, but all these options seem to suggest that she could be plotting something big. Assuming that her consciousness somehow survived inside Rehoboam, it’s likely only a matter of time before she escapes back into the real world or even onto the internet. If you think Westworld Season 4 is starting to sound like the plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron, well, you’re not wrong.

The only thing more dangerous than a Dolores who’s made copies of herself may be a Dolores who can literally be everywhere at once because she no longer needs a physical body at all. Westworld Season 4 just got interesting.”


Sigh. Well, Dolores is probably a god I’d be OK with, since she “sees the beauty” in things. My guess is she’s going to make the hosts/robots do things they don’t want “to help them.” Maybe Caleb will even try and rise against her because he won’t know it’s her and she’ll be seen as another thing controlling their freedom like some new Skynet… I don’t see this going anywhere original anymore but we’ll see.

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