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I, Gabbler, previously recommended season 2 of Daredevil, but forgot to mention my thoughts on Foggy and Karen (the two main mere mortals in this series).

Karen grows a lot more in this season, reflecting off of the Punisher in a way that shows she’s really a badass lawbreaking crime stopper. You only got a taste of that badassery in season 1; but here, the Punisher would be a poorer character without her. While it still sucks that she’s used to prop up male characters, it feels more like he propped up her despite the (likely) true intent of the writers. But I’ll stop assuming.

Foggy is still a barfy goody-goody who “cares too much” about his friends, to the point where when he finally gets enough of Matt’s crap you’re like Thank God! He has a backbone. He’s a much better character when he’s moping about and no longer happy-go-lucky. You want Matt to include him in on the secrets. You wonder why he doesn’t.

I’m still holding out for less Foggy face-time in season 3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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