When You Loved a Problematic Book

‘Because the people who call out books and shows and movies for bad representation are not haters in that way. They’re doing what they’re doing with a desperate hope of improving our media, because art affects us on really deep, unconscious levels and so we need to understand the consequences of our art. We need to understand what it does to us, to all of us–what we might be doing to other people, through our art.’

C.M. Spivey

Foz Meadows is absolutely my favorite SFF & fandom blogger/critic. One of the reasons I love her blog so much is that it raises questions and possibilities about things I love, like Supernatural, and things I haven’t read/seen, like The Traitor Baru Cormorant. I started watching Teen Wolf because of Meadows’ discussion of it. She’s an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent writer, and I’ve never not enjoyed a post of hers.

Last week, she wrote about Uprooted by Naomi Novik, a book I gave five stars and said “I read this book overnight. OVERNIGHT.” Her title was the ominous “Uprooted: Abuse & Ragequitting.”

If you’ve read Uprooted, the post is worth a read. I won’t quote it here because this isn’t really a response to Meadows’ discussion of the book–and she’s not wrong. The short of it is that Uprooted, inventive Beauty & the Beast retelling that…

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