Though it’s a 2015 film, it’s the best one I’ve seen this year. Never been more freaked out by news media…or how hard it is to get a job.

What someone else said about the film:

None of us expected to enjoy this one, and we ended up talking about it for days. A neo-noir thriller starring Jake Gyllenhall as a sociopathic freelance cameraman who starts manipulating crime scenes for better ratings, “Nightcrawler” is a mesmerizing critique of the news industry as well as a subversive tale of How To Succeed at Business by Really, Really Trying. This film will please conservatives, who will find the lamestream media indicted here, as well as liberals who condemn predatory capitalism for having no boundaries, and no morals. The teenager liked it because it was honest about the difficulties of getting a decent job in a crap economy, while de-glamorizing the media.


“Nightcrawler” begins with Gyllenhaal’s Louis Bloom scraping by as a literal scavenger, selling stolen scrap metal for cash, before chancing into his new metier as a scavenger of human suffering, armed with a camcorder and police radio scanner. After a handful of amusingly botched first efforts (in which he turns his camera upon such mundane sights as a DUI breathalyzer test), quick-study Louis soon figures out that “if it bleeds, it leads” — words Gilroy can’t help from inserting into the mouth of an older, more seasoned cameraman (Bill Paxton, who also has the misfortune of having to declaim the movie’s title).

Somebody’s jealous of the love.


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