Greek Mythology 201: Trojan War of Thrones

Achaean Punk

I mean to write this when it was more topical, but the end of the convention season this year has been a whirlwind. So, instead of a few days ago, I recently heard about BBC’s intentions to do a gritty primetime version of the Trojan War, in the vein of (or ideally, made to compete with) Game of Thrones.

The idea alone is an exciting one. Before GoT sort of lost its way in the adaptation, and became far more about shock value than content, it was just grimdark enough to provoke interest. It didn’t shy from much (and arguably now, less so than even that first season that drew us all in to start with), and friends and I would often joke about how great it would be to see someone actually take the Trojan War like this and run with it. Give us the gore of…

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