Gods above! It’s the 1 year anniversary of THE AUTOMATION print edition!


[This] urban fantasy revolves around a fast and furious updating of Greek myth. In the distant past, the god Vulcan created a handful of Automatons–metallic but malleable beings capable of soul-sharing with a human being–to serve as protectors of humanity. Now the Automatons are distributed among an eclectic and decidedly eccentric bunch known as the Masters, some of whom are actively plotting against the others…” – Publishers Weekly 

…[Like] any good epic tale, it might touch a nerve or two, which I do consider a good thing.” – David Lee Summers, Tales of the Talisman 

If Tumblr and Epic Poetry had a novel-baby, it might turn out something like THE AUTOMATION.” – [The Author]

Read it for freeeee:


Why is it that celebrating the first novel always reminds you about how you should be working on the second?

[“BLA and GB Gabbler” (really just a pen name – singular) are the Editor and Narrator behind THE AUTOMATION, vol. 1 of the Circo del Herrero series. They are on facebook, twitter, tumblr, goodreads, and Vulcan’s shit list.]

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