We recently finished watching the series, and my conclusion is: It’s the second best TV show Netflix has ever produced (Orange Is the New Black being the first, mind you).

The opening theme is hella sweet.

It verges on the melodramatic at times (the “Stick” episode really made me cringe for some reason, but I shoved past it), but it always makes up for its extremes in some fashion.

Also, I sometimes found myself rooting just as much for Fisk (Kingpin), in an American Hustle sort of way (does that make me a bad person?).

Now if only Netflix would pick up The Borgias I’d forgive them for what they did to Arrested Development. But I guess for now I’ll have to stick to my… 

[“BLA and GB Gabbler” (really just a pen name – singular) are the Editor and Narrator behind THE AUTOMATION, vol. 1 of the Circo del Herrero series. They are on facebook, twitter, tumblr, goodreads, and Vulcan’s shit list.]

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3 thoughts on “GABBLER RECOMMENDS: TV show Daredevil

  1. Loved that show! 🙂 When I found out that Netflix ordered another season of ‘Daredevil’, I squealed. I can’t wait for the rest of the Defenders to show up on Netflix.

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