Today’s Featured Authors: B.L.A. and G.B. Gabbler

Thanks again to Susan Leigh Noble from Into Another World for hosting an exclusive excerpt from THE AUTOMATION.

Into Another World

Today I welcome the interesting writing duo of BLA and GB Gabbler. Please enjoy this excerpt from their book The Automation.

Book Excerpt

The Annotated Manuscript: The Automation: BOOK ONE

Vol. 1 of the Circo del Herrero series

By B.L.A., the Narrator, Storyteller, Omnipresent One 

And G.B. Gabbler, the Editor, Annotator, Reason This Is Seeing the Light of Day…

Stanza: The Yellow Brick Road is symbolic and will only lead to more metaphors.

Odissa remained silent as they drove to the river. She didn’t open her mouth. Words couldn’t help her.

She had remained silent when Dorian had come back from the bathroom. She had remained silent as the two men stuffed their faces with sweets in the stolen cop car. She had remained silent when they’d arrived at the river front.

“Might I see your purse, Odissa?” Dorian asked, putting out his hand.

“What? Why?” she stammered, thrown…

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