GABBLER RECOMMMENDS: The TV show Transparent

Since we are writers who utilize the term (?) – symbol (?) – combined pronoun (?) – “s/he” to hide our genders, this might reveal how much we like those who also break gender norms in their storytelling (or, at the very least, blur the black and white). This show does just that.

Transparent may have a heavy topic, but we found it very easy to wade through. We watched the whole season in one day. That’s why I’m recommending it.

A scene from our favorite episode, when the main character attends a camp for cross-dressers (who turn out to be very unfriendly to women or trans persons).

Gender is unimportant and yet so very important.

Watch it! Tell us what you think!! Tell us what else to watch!!!

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2 thoughts on “GABBLER RECOMMMENDS: The TV show Transparent

  1. I’m a transmale filmmaker. Before I watched Transparent I read an article blasting the series for it’s lack of sympathetic and realistic Female to Male characters. (There’s an FTM character in episode 7 who is a little exoticized.) However, I loved Transparent. Loved. The FTM character seemed to be “seen” though the eyes of the youngest daughter, Sarah. Plus, the scene where he trying to stay suave and maintain composure while simultaneously trying to get a dildo out of it’s factory sealed plastic was HILARIOUS! And true. The series is as much about sibling relations as it is about Transsexual identity. Can’t wait for more of this brilliant series.

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