BookTuber Tuesday – Why Hades & Persephone Aren’t the Cute Couple You Think They Are | #VideoEssay

GABBLER RECOMMENDS: “Maude Adams and the LGBTQ History of Peter Pan”

BookTuber Tuesday:

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BookTuber Tuesday: 40: Ready Player One – Thom Dunn – Fuckbois of Literature with Emily Edwards

“I Love Spoilers.”

They did not talk about how Facebook Oculus employees were encouraged to read this book or the fact that it is shaping fb’s Metaverse, but I liked the point on male easter egg vigilance paralleled to the female obsession with true crime and their belief in hypervigilance (16:00 time stamp is where the convo gets really good, ~18:00 is the comparison mark).

BookTuber Tuesday: The WORST Books I Read in 2021 👎 Unnecessary sequels, girlboss stories, and of course… faerie D